15 Apr, 16

JQuery.cookie in Drupal 7

A quick tip for all Drupalistas outhere: if you want to use jQuery.cookie in your project, you actually don't have to download and install the library. jQuery.cookie is a part of Drupal 7 and can be included as easy as typing: 

  1. drupal_add_library('system', 'jquery.cookie');

Wondering ...

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12 Feb, 16

A lightweight package for handling menus and breadcrumbs in your #django project - https://github.com/EliotBerriot/django-navutils

12 Feb, 16

A very useful tutorial on implementing The Registry pattern in your #Django apps http://next.kii.eliotberriot.com/stream/eliotberriot/items/25

09 Nov, 15

Default Search API Sorts Per View in Drupal 7

It's been a while since I've written a post here (especially, Drupal-related). But today I have something interesting to share.

There's a module called Search API sorts (https://drupal.org/project/search_api_sorts) that provides custom sorts and a global sort block for Search API. The module itself is ok, but ...

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13 Oct, 15

Easy #Django Deployments with #Ansible: http://technivore.org/posts/2015/10/09/easy-django-deployments-with-ansible.html

13 Oct, 15

Made a website with #wagtail CMS: http://agencjawydarzen.pl And you know what? I like it!

17 Sep, 15

Ultimate #AngularJS and #Ionic performance cheat sheet http://julienrenaux.fr/2015/08/24/ultimate-angularjs-and-ionic-performance-cheat-sheet/

31 Jul, 15

I've just skimmed through The Little Book of #Python Anti-Patterns and I really recommend to check it out: http://docs.quantifiedcode.com/python-code-patterns/

27 Jul, 15

Three Useful #Python Libraries for Startups http://blog.instavest.com/three-useful-python-libraries-for-startups

12 Jul, 15

React UI Builder (https://github.com/ipselon/react-ui-builder) - a visual builder for #React! #jawdropped #JavaScript