19 May, 15

Detailed descriptions, full methods & attributes, for each of #Django REST Framework's views and serializers. http://www.cdrf.co/

12 May, 15

"100+ Ionic Framework Resources" #angularjs #ionicframework http://mcgivery.com/100-ionic-framework-resources/

06 May, 15

Running Django manage.py commands from anywhere

One of the most annoying aspects of developing in Django for me is running manage.py commands: you need to be in the same directory with manage.py file in order to run a command. This is not convenient. I thought it would be cool to be able to run ...

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03 May, 15

Using Amazon S3 to Store your #Django Site's Static and Media Files https://www.caktusgroup.com/blog/2014/11/10/Using-Amazon-S3-to-store-your-Django-sites-static-and-media-files/

02 May, 15

Useful info for all ionicers: "Apache Cordova Newsflash!" #cordova #ionicframework http://devgirl.org/2015/04/24/apache-cordova-newsflash/

01 May, 15

Installing libsass (django_libsass) on Mac OS Yosemite

I started playing with wagtail recently (a very promisiing Django CMS) and they use django_libsass to compile their sass into css. Unfortunatelly, if you'll try to install django libsass via PIP on Mac you'll get a compile error message. I tried lots of approaches to fix this and it didn't ...

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30 Apr, 15

Install npm packages without sudo

If you run the following command to install npm package:

  1. npm install <package_name>

and get an access error, you might be tempted to run this command with sudo and it'll work, but it's not a right way for sure. Npm modules should be installed without sudo. To fix the ...

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29 Apr, 15

Saving file field uploads not in MEDIA_ROOT directory

I had a requirement recently to upload files to some kind of a private directory, not accessible via www. Of course, I used Django model's FileField to solve the task, but the problem was in a fact that by default, FileField saves uploads under MEDIA_ROOT which is not what I ...

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29 Apr, 15

How to save file field uploads not in MEDIA_ROOT directory (#Django) - http://timonweb.com/posts/saving-file-field-uploads-not-in-media_root-directory/

28 Apr, 15

Snippet: Regex Characters Cheat Sheet

  1. . Any character except newline.
  2. \. A period (and so on for \*, \(, \\, etc.)
  3. ^ The start of the string.
  4. $ The end of the string.
  5. \d,\w,\s A digit, word character [A-Za-z0-9_], or whitespace.
  6. \D,\W,\S Anything except a digit, word character, or whitespace.
  7. [abc] Character a, b, or c.
  8. [a-z] a through z.
  9. [^abc] Any character except a, b, or c.
  10. aa|bb Either aa or bb.
  11. ? Zero or one of the preceding element.
  12. * Zero or more of the preceding element.
  13. + One or more of the preceding element.
  14. {n} Exactly n of the preceding element.
  15. {n,} n or more of the preceding element.
  16. {m,n} Between m and n of the preceding element.
  17. ??,*?,+?,
  18. {n}?, etc. Same as above, but as few as possible.
  19. (expr) Capture expr for use with \1, etc.
  20. (?:expr) Non-capturing group.
  21. (?=expr) Followed by expr.
  22. (?!expr) Not followed by expr.
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