27 Apr, 17

🤓 Wooho! Math geeks rejoice! You can now render equations beautifully with @WagtailCMS and WagtailMath app… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/857505261032009730

24 Apr, 17

RT @mvp_space: “27 best websites and resources for startup founders” by James Ankobia https://blog.mvp-space.com/27-best-websites-and-resources-for-startup-founders-451277efd4a9

24 Apr, 17

Using #Django models in a standalone python script https://medium.com/getpy/using-django-models-in-a-standalone-python-script-839bc65d8cb9

23 Apr, 17

Estimated counts for faster #Django Admin change_list https://medium.com/squad-engineering/estimated-counts-for-faster-django-admin-change-list-963cbf43683e

07 Apr, 17

Meet vue-scrollto, a Vue.js directive that can scroll to elements on the page http://bit.ly/2oliyPm #vuejs… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/850352505242488832

06 Apr, 17

Check out a case study about how @QuorumAnalytics converted its #Django site into a Single Page Application… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/850000423327072256

06 Apr, 17

🐍❤️📖 Just got mine Humble Book Bundle: #Python. The deal is real, get 10 Python ebooks for >= $15!… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/849979019890216960

05 Apr, 17

How to turn #Django Admin into a lightweight dashboard http://bit.ly/2ntmKsW https://t.co/voHq86z1rv

04 Apr, 17

How to dynamically filter ModelChoice's queryset in a #Django's ModelForm? http://bit.ly/2mWbSmM https://t.co/6Rc7JBh1B7

03 Apr, 17

🔥 Javascript trick: Array truncation in #javascript is as easy as: https://t.co/cQ58CUCjig