23 Mar, 17

One JSON is worth a thousand words || API Design: Think First, Code Later - http://bit.ly/2neP995 #api https://t.co/AprXY1OgiS

23 Mar, 17

As a developer, I just want to hug every web designer who uses #XD or #Sketch instead of Photoshop. My job became so much easier tx to them!

22 Mar, 17

📩 We all rely on email today, but do you test your #Django app powered email content? Don't forget the stamps - http://bit.ly/2mLscK5

22 Mar, 17

I hope someday I'll figure this out: How to write a DSL in #Python - http://bit.ly/2nv7f6T https://t.co/cxxAje5XY9

21 Mar, 17

🐍 10 Tips to Get More out of Your #Python Regexes http://bit.ly/2mUt8v7 https://t.co/rGdxMnCt1x

20 Mar, 17

Building An Analytics Data Pipeline In #Python http://bit.ly/2n46XDq courtesy of @dataquest https://t.co/HFu3nF4q73

20 Mar, 17

VueJS 2.2 came out with a nifty feature called Provide/Inject more after the jump http://bit.ly/2mvYmZi #javascript #vuejs #vue

19 Mar, 17

Working with 🚀APIs the 🐍Pythonic Way #python https://medium.com/@hakibenita/working-with-apis-the-pythonic-way-484784ed1ce0#.onf7abwqu

23 Feb, 17

Make Your Developer's Life Easier By Reducing Number Of Opened Tabs in Pycharm

When coding, I often find myself overwhelmed by a number of opened tabs in my editor. I just seem to have opened every single .py file of a Django project. And it's kinda hard to find a way in this evergrowing of tabs.

Given that, I was really happy to ...

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22 Feb, 17

New in Django 1.11: Template-based widget rendering

There's a very interesting change coming with Django 1.11 - Template-based widget rendering.

To make customizing widgets easier, form widget rendering is now done using the template system. In older versions, widgets were rendered using Python.

You can get more details about it from the form rendering API docs page ...

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