29 Jan, 17

A VUE.JS modal with animations - http://www.neverl.com/vodal #vuejs #javascript

27 Jan, 17

I really recommend to check this very good book full of programming design decisions called “500 Lines or Less” - http://aosabook.org/en/index.html

27 Jan, 17

Some Better Practices For Using Requests in API Clients http://www.coglib.com/~icordasc/blog/2017/01/some-better-practices-for-using-requests-in-api-clients.html

27 Jan, 17

Going Isomorphic with Python and React #javascript #react #python https://medium.com/@__amol__/going-isomorphic-with-python-and-react-f4664183f0c4#.d9kso3x3n

24 Jan, 17

It’s unbelievable but somehow @kennethreitz read my thoughts about making NPM-like package manager for #Python -meet https://github.com/kennethreitz/pipenv

20 Jan, 17

Here’s another @WagtailCMS tip 4U: Use Specific() Method On PageQuerySet To Access Referenced Model's Field Data - http://timonweb.com/posts/use-specific-method-on-pagequeryset-to-access-referenced-models-field-data-in-wagtail-cms/

20 Jan, 17

Use Specific() Method On PageQuerySet To Access Referenced Model's Field Data in Wagtail CMS

Wagtail CMS provides a very handy content tree that really helps in organizing website's content hierarchy. The tree itself is powered by django-treebeard library (https://github.com/django-treebeard/django-treebeard). 

As a developer you should be aware of several handy methods that you can execute on any item of a ...

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20 Jan, 17

@kennethreitz continues to humanise #Python🐍 libraries, this time he’s humanised subprocesses with his new https://github.com/kennethreitz/delegator.py check it!

19 Jan, 17

My patch adding Vimeo support to vue-video-player has been merged into master (https://github.com/surmon-china/vue-video-player), update to v2.5.0 #vue #javascript

18 Jan, 17

Note on installing Comodo Positive SSL on Nginx

Usualy, Comodo sends you an archive containing two files: example.crt and example.ca-bundle. In order to install your certificate on Nginx, you need to concatenate these two files at first:

  1. cat example.crt example.ca-bundle >> example.ssl-bundle.crt

Now, in Nginx config, link ssl_certificate property to resulting example ...

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