07 Oct, 16

"Error loading MySQLdb module Reason: image not found" error fix in El Capitan Mac OS

If you use mysql database in your Django project and when you run runserver command and get an error message similar to this: "Error loading MySQLdb module Reason: image not found" that means your El Capitan struggles to find necessary libraries. 

The issue can be fixed with these two ...

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16 Sep, 16

Installing cryptography (part of Scrapy) on Mac OS X

I'm leaving this tip as a note for myself, but I hope someone will find it useful too.

If you try to install Scrapy or cryptography on Mac OS X, your pip install will likely fail with the message similar to this:

9 ...
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05 Sep, 16

This in amazing talk about Scaling #Django given by Anton Pirker @ DjangoCon Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul-pHtOfA9U Great job @antonpirker!

03 Aug, 16

Wondering what’s possible with ES2015? Find this quick & interactive overview of #javascript’s f̶u̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ present: http://bit.ly/1TubPMh

03 Aug, 16

I’m having an affair with @meteorjs … it looks like we might like each other #javascript

02 Aug, 16

Web design in 4 minutes, try it! http://jgthms.com/web-design-in-4-minutes

02 Aug, 16

RT @codeafterme: H’u heard of http://Rocket.Chat? It’s an open source Slack clone with video calls and multiple platforms support! #sh…

01 Aug, 16

Creating content blocks programmatically in Drupal 8

Let's picture this: you've created a custom content block type (let's say, Ad block) in your shiny new Drupal 8 installation and you want to automaticaly create a fresh new block of that type each time you create a taxonomy term (Ad group), so that every ad group has a ...

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27 Jun, 16

England has officially brexited Euro 2016, bravo Iceland!!!! Cold freezing awesome!!!!

16 Jun, 16

Getting variables in Drupal 8 is now as short as \Drupal::state()->get(‘variable_name’, ‘default_value’)