18 Jan, 17

Note on installing Comodo Positive SSL on Nginx

Usualy, Comodo sends you an archive containing two files: example.crt and example.ca-bundle. In order to install your certificate on Nginx, you need to concatenate these two files at first:

  1. cat example.crt example.ca-bundle >> example.ssl-bundle.crt

Now, in Nginx config, link ssl_certificate property to resulting example ...

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30 Apr, 15

Install npm packages without sudo

If you run the following command to install npm package:

  1. npm install <package_name>

and get an access error, you might be tempted to run this command with sudo and it'll work, but it's not a right way for sure. Npm modules should be installed without sudo. To fix the ...

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28 Apr, 15

Snippet: Regex Characters Cheat Sheet

  1. . Any character except newline.
  2. \. A period (and so on for \*, \(, \\, etc.)
  3. ^ The start of the string.
  4. $ The end of the string.
  5. \d,\w,\s A digit, word character [A-Za-z0-9_], or whitespace.
  6. \D,\W,\S Anything except a digit, word character, or whitespace.
  7. [abc] Character a, b, or c.
  8. [a-z] a through z.
  9. [^abc] Any character except a, b, or c.
  10. aa|bb Either aa or bb.
  11. ? Zero or one of the preceding element.
  12. * Zero or more of the preceding element.
  13. + One or more of the preceding element.
  14. {n} Exactly n of the preceding element.
  15. {n,} n or more of the preceding element.
  16. {m,n} Between m and n of the preceding element.
  17. ??,*?,+?,
  18. {n}?, etc. Same as above, but as few as possible.
  19. (expr) Capture expr for use with \1, etc.
  20. (?:expr) Non-capturing group.
  21. (?=expr) Followed by expr.
  22. (?!expr) Not followed by expr.
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28 Apr, 15

A simple regex tester

11 Aug, 10

Back to blogging

A big break on my blog is going to end. I’m back to blogging. Just wanted to let you know friends. I updated blog’s design a bit and added ‘About me’ section, there you can get some info about me. Also, I’m available now, I do Drupal CMS Website ...

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08 Feb, 10

How to determine your rate per hour?

Many developers are getting lost when they are setting their hourly development rates. What is a reasonable rate for my work? How much should I get paid to feel myself comfortable?

Well, of course there are average market prices and other things to consider, but here is a basic calculation ...

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11 Jan, 10

Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation

Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't: Traditional rewards aren't always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories - and maybe, a way forward. To be honest, I was really surprised with this video! There ...

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29 Nov, 09

Mail problems fixed

Mail problems with this blog are pursuing me. This is like a some kind of ‘mail mystery’. At last I fixed this problem and you can be sure, that your messages to me will be delivered. If you’ve sent me something before, please re-send it, cause I wasn’t able to ...

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07 Nov, 09



I love to blog. No, really. I have several blogs in my native languages and I’ve been blogging since 2003. But the main rival of blogger is lazyness. And one of the main reasons for lazyness is a boring and not so quick process of loging in administration menu, opening ...

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24 Oct, 09

Who Failed: Sony Vaio or Windows 7

Fun story happened to Windows 7 running on Sony Vaio multitouch screen in japanese live TV show.

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