I updated dtutorials.com - Drupal tutorials aggregator and added Drupal books section there. All books are tagged with compatible Drupal version. Overall, we have 18 drupal books right now.

Christmas is just around the corner. I'm sure, you've already decorated your house, time to decorate your virtual properties too. I've found a nice Xmas Icon Set (and cool thing, it's absolutelly free for any use!):


Speed really matters, especially on the Web. Is your page loading fast? Woot, you added some cool fancy widgets? Do you know how slower your page is loading now? Can you imagine how much users you've lost because of that? Amazon lost 1% in sales because of loading page time increased just on 100ms, Yahoo experienced 5 - 9 % drop in full page traffic because of +400ms in page loading times, people googled 20% fewer because of Goog's 500ms page loading time increase. Speed matters! Be sure and watch this presentation for more info:

Mail problems fixed

Mail problems with this blog are pursuing me. This is like a some kind of ‘mail mystery’. At last I fixed this problem and you can be sure, that your messages to me will be delivered. If you’ve sent me something before, please re-send it, cause I wasn’t able to receive your messages. Sorry.

Some of you already know about recently launched Drupal Tutorials database website. On dtutorials.com we’re trying to collect all decent Drupal tutorials available on the internet (btw, you can also submit your favorite tutorials here).

Here is the current Drupal Tutorials Top 10:



I love to blog. No, really. I have several blogs in my native languages and I’ve been blogging since 2003. But the main rival of blogger is lazyness. And one of the main reasons for lazyness is a boring and not so quick process of loging in administration menu, opening “A New Post” page and dancing with a WYSIWYG editor. I don’t even mention, browser errors during you writing of a blog post – which happened to me several times and left you without cool posts (I was too lazy and pissed of to redo the whole work)!

Fun story happened to Windows 7 running on Sony Vaio multitouch screen in japanese live TV show.


What if our real life conversations were limited to 140 characters in length as on Twitter? Really funny video below:

Drupal distibutions are gaining popularity. But you can ask me "Tim, what a distribution is?" Well, Drupal distribution is a custom edition of Drupal (preferably, built on latest stable version) tuned and extended with custom developed and contributed modules to enable desired features. Feel yourself confused? No problem at all, read on and you will understand what I'm talking about.

A week ago we launched dtutorials.com - Drupal Tutorials aggregation directory. A lot of cool tutorials were submitted during last 7 days and now, we have more than 120 tutorials on various topics including Drupal Module Development, Theming, Drupal OptimizationDrupal Forms and what not.


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