Today I was curious enough to fire up "internet marketer's best friend" and check Drupal's popularity in the world. I compared Drupal to its usual rivals: Wordpress and Joomla. And you know what? Google Trends showed me the following picture:

UPD 06/20/2011: If you're looking for a solution on How To Separate Drupal Taxonomy Terms Output By Vocabulary for Drupal 7 read my new tutorial here.

Happy Autumn everyone! Several days ago I got a question from one of drupal users about „How to output drupal taxonomy terms separated by vocabulary”. By default, Drupal outputs all terms despite of their vocabulary in one list, which isn’t great at all. On the output we want to get something like this:

Now I will explain you how to achieve this.

Planning a website is not an easy task, indeed. At the first stage, you have a pen and a paper and everything goes pretty smooth. Then you sit down before a computer, open your designing/prototyping software (Photoshop, Fireworks, Balsamiq Mockups, MS Word...) and start implementing your layout in a real internet world dimensions. And then ‘BAM’ ... you understand, that a lot of important elements aren’t above the fold and there is no free space above the fold and if you will put everything above the fold what’s about principles of ‘White space is the King” and “Make your design clear”? What to do? Of course you’re concerned, because you heard a lot about the critical FOLD space and even your client’s marketer knows this word and he is insisting that their ad block and company mission and navigation and featured content section and quick links and search box and and and bla bla bla to be placed above the fold.

While developing websites for our clients, I’m very often being asked to consult on SEO strategy and where to start with it. One of the most popular questions is "What to do with duplicate content? I don’t want Google to penalize me!"

Let’s start from the beginning and see what duplicate content is. Duplicate content in the eyes of Google is a word-by-word copying of content. So imagine, you went out to ctrl + c ‘ ed one of their articles and ctrl + v ‘ ed it to your website or blog. This, in the eyes of Google will look like a total duplicate content.

Drupal themeing is very easy and logical, but there are still a lot of questions at and and other resources about how to do this and how to output that. Today, I will review and answer three most common Drupal Theming Questions.

A big break on my blog is going to end. I’m back to blogging. Just wanted to let you know friends. I updated blog’s design a bit and added ‘About me’ section, there you can get some info about me. Also, I’m available now, I do Drupal CMS Website Development starting from an idea finishing with the complete project, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in my services. Okido, nice tutorial will follow soon.

Take care.

Guys from russian Softfacade design stuido created a very beautidul icon set for Drupal 7.

And another Drupal tip for today: "How to add a tab to the node in Drupal":

Put this snippet in hook_menu of your new module:

A little snipped which is among very much needed and asked on forums: "How to output comments in desired place on the page and not on the bottom?". Here is the answer:

Drupal tutorials database on is getting bigger and here are current top 10 tutorials:


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