Pixazza - Adsense for Images

Sometimes I blame myself, why I'm not as clever as some guys, as someone who invents simple but stunning business models. Here is one for you. Sounds simple and any of us could invent it, but guys from Mountain View were the first...

The name of invention is Pixazza. This is advertising network for images. Every image detail (shoes, umbrella, bag, jeans, mobile phone, wife, dog) you post on your blog, site, etc can be tagged with relative product available in advertiser's shop. Pretty simple idea, but what a potential! Just imagine! Advertiser gets very interested shoppers, publisher gets money and people who tag images with advertiser's products get money too. Everybody is happy and no extra space on your page is needed. User just hovers the image and voila...numerous tags are popping...mouseover tag and get shopping links and description of the desired element. Here is how it works:

Cool, yeah? So thought many internet investors and gave Pixazza solid $5.75 millions. Among them Google, August Capital, CMEA Capital and various individuals.

One problem left. To tag most images on the internet with products they need to hire whole population of India or China. This is a big amount of work and I don't know any algorythm which can substitute this very human labour.

Well, time will tell. At least Pixazza is a very nice idea.