Considering hiring me?

First of all, it's an honour being considered to work on your project. I have introduced myself on the About Me page, so if you, at first, want to get more information about me - Click here.

On this page you will get information about what I can do for you:

Drupal CMS Website Development

I develop websites using Drupal CMS as the platform. Why Drupal? Because it is open source, constantly evolving, flexible, secure and finally, you don't need to depend on a developer and his custom coding. If your developer disappears after making a website for you, you can always hire another Drupal developer and continue the project without any loss of time or money, which is completely impossible to do if someone develops a website based on his very own custom coding CMS.

Me and my team have extensive experience in creating websites of different complexity: from simple blogs and ‘buy a theme and install it on my website’ to large e-commerce projects. We have the skills required to build a Drupal site from scratch, including website planning / wireframing, design, theming, coding, training and day-to-day support. Feel free to contact me and ask for a quote. Interested? Contact me!

Drupal Module Development

If you already have a website built on Drupal and need a specific feature adding to it, you will need a custom Drupal module development and I can also help you here too. I have 4 years experience in developing custom modules for Drupal. Interested? Contact me!

Drupal Theming

Do you have a website built on Drupal and want to change its design? No problem at all! I can build a Drupal theme from scratch or make a Drupal theme out of your Photoshop .psd files. Interested? Contact me!

Open Atrium Customisation

Open Atrium is an extranet portal distribution built on Drupal. Most of the time extranets need to be customised to fit a customer’s needs, out of the box solutions won’t satisfy many of us. I have had very successful experiences helping several corporate clients from the US making Open Atrium fit their needs. Interested? Contact me!

Examples of my work

If you want to see some of my work, here are few examples to check out:

  • - social networking website where people can share top lists of their favorite films, songs, events, etc. Read case study about
  • - my first project built on Drupal, despite it being almost 4 years old, it has survived several updates and the major Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 update. This website is constantly developing and will have some cool things to offer in the future.
  • - if you’re not afraid of Cyrillic, then have a look at this one. I was against its current design, but all in all this project was very interesting and had a lot of custom modules developed especially for it. It is constantly developing.
  • - a very popular project in Drupal world - a dedicated Drupal snippets repository, a place where people store and share their drupal snippets.