Considering hiring me?

First of all, it's an honor being considered to work on your project. I have introduced myself on the About Me page, so if you, at first, want to get more information about me - Click here.

On this page, you will get information about what I love doing and if that's what you need we can make a perfect match:

  • Django / python web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • AngularJS development
  • Drupal modules

Django / python web apps

At the very current moment, I'm a big fan of Django. I've spent 6 years building web projects with Drupal but three years ago I stumbled upon Django and now we're in love.

I love building web sites and apps using Django as well as using it as a server backend for mobile apps.

I can do various types of projects and love to solve complex problems, here are few examples of my work: Logler - game downloads website, Avtoservis - e-commerce site that sells car tires, Hidden Object Games Facebook app and this very blog

I've also released and maintain several open source Django / python apps / libraries: Djow, Pimped comments, Django anywhere and Backup Jeans.

I also write Django / python related posts to educate myself and my readers.

Interested in Django / python web app development? Contact me!

Mobile apps

I enjoy building mobile apps. I elected Ionic Framework to be my main tool and I mostly build native hybrid apps by using Cordova, AngularJS and HTML 5 technologies. This allows me to create beautiful and cross-platform mobile apps. Here are few examples of the apps I created for clients / agencies: Find a physio app, R&D for Galileo and EGNOS.

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AngularJS development 

I also can build a single page application or any web component using AngularJS framework. I have an extensive experience in making AngularJS work on mobile platforms as well as integrating Angular with Drupal and Django based backends.

Interested in AngularJS development? Contact me!

Drupal modules

I started my programming career 9 years ago with Drupal. While I have other technical preferences now, I still constantly work with Drupal and enjoy doing it. My experience gives me enough confidence to say that there's no problem in Drupal I can't solve. While I can do regular site building, I prefer solving complex problems: from creating custom modules to performance tuning of Drupal sites.

Here are some projects I took part in. Some of them were done solely by me, in some, I participated as a part of the team: Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia, Listbattle, Dropbucket - Drupal snippets, European Job Days, Droppin and Energy labels generator.

I created and maintain several Drupal modules: Devel form debug, APC Admin, Menu position vocabulary and Simpleads Better Random.

I've written lots of Drupal tutorials on this blog and continue doing this.

Interested in drupal development? Contact me!