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10 Feb, 17

How To Export Django Model Data Along With Its Parent Model Data via dumpdata Command

Django dumpdata command lets us export model objects as fixtures and to store them in json / xml formats.

All is good and works fine until you need to export a model that is a child of a concrete model and shares two database tables (one for parent another is for the ...

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02 Feb, 17

A little tip for 🐧 @WagtailCMS fans: How To Remove Snippets Menu Item From Wagtail CMS Admin Menu http://timonweb.com/posts/how-to-remove-snippets-menu-item-from-wagtail-cms-admin-menu/ #django

02 Feb, 17

How To Remove Snippets Menu Item From Wagtail CMS Admin Menu

Put this hook into wagtail_hooks.py file of your Wagtail CMS app.

  1. from wagtail.wagtailcore import hooks
  2. @hooks.register('construct_main_menu')
  3. def hide_snippets_menu_item(request, menu_items):
  4. menu_items[:] = [item for item in menu_items if item.name != 'snippets']

Restart your server and you're done!

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18 Jan, 17

Override Field Widget Attributes in a Django Form or How To Add Placeholder Attribute to Django Form Input

Let's say we have a contact form and we want to add placeholders to this form inputs so our rendered form has these cool input labels. How do we do that?

My form is a child of ContactForm class provided by the django_contact_form module (https://github.com/ubernostrum/django-contact-form). The ...

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17 Jan, 17

In case you didn't know, there’s #Wagtail CMS (🐧) admin styleguide available: http://timonweb.com/posts/theres-wagtail-cms-admin-styleguide-available/ #django

17 Jan, 17

🐍 django_managepy_anywhere package on PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/django_managepy_anywhere/ - it lets to run #django manage.py commands from any dir of your project

02 May, 16

ES6 For Django Lovers - https://www.caktusgroup.com/blog/2016/05/02/es6-django-lovers/ #js #python #django

12 Feb, 16

A lightweight package for handling menus and breadcrumbs in your #django project - https://github.com/EliotBerriot/django-navutils

30 Jun, 15

Creating Custom Template Filter That Injects Adsense Ad Code After N Paragraph in Django

Injecting ads inside content is a very effective technique. Let's say you want to inject Adsense ad after the first paragraph of text. To add such capability to our Django-based website we need to create a custom filter for that. I'll tell you how to implement such a filter.

1 ...

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29 May, 15

What does dad do when his wife and son sleep on friday night? Well, he updates his open-source packages ;) https://github.com/timonweb/djow #django