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30 Jun, 15

Creating Custom Template Filter That Injects Adsense Ad Code After N Paragraph in Django

Injecting ads inside content is a very effective technique. Let's say you want to inject Adsense ad after the first paragraph of text. To add such capability to our Django-based website we need to create a custom filter for that. I'll tell you how to implement such a filter.

1 ...

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29 May, 15

What does dad do when his wife and son sleep on friday night? Well, he updates his open-source packages ;) https://github.com/timonweb/djow #django

06 May, 15

Running Django manage.py commands from anywhere

One of the most annoying aspects of developing in Django for me is running manage.py commands: you need to be in the same directory with manage.py file in order to run a command. This is not convenient. I thought it would be cool to be able to run ...

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01 May, 15

Installing libsass (django_libsass) on Mac OS Yosemite

I started playing with wagtail recently (a very promisiing Django CMS) and they use django_libsass to compile their sass into css. Unfortunatelly, if you'll try to install django libsass via PIP on Mac you'll get a compile error message. I tried lots of approaches to fix this and it didn't ...

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29 Apr, 15

Saving file field uploads not in MEDIA_ROOT directory

I had a requirement recently to upload files to some kind of a private directory, not accessible via www. Of course, I used Django model's FileField to solve the task, but the problem was in a fact that by default, FileField saves uploads under MEDIA_ROOT which is not what I ...

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24 Mar, 15

Thinking about writing a series of blog posts called "Django for Drupal developers", are you interested? #django #drupal

09 Mar, 15

I have launched a facebook page for my dev blog recently, feel welcomed to like: https://facebook.com/timonweb #django #drupal

21 Oct, 14

Django Uwsgi Nginx 504 Gateway Timeout

I had a long running process (data import) and encountered 504 Gateway Timeout error. I use Nginx / uwsgi pair to serve my Django app. After doing some research it turned out that the problem is in uwsgi_read_timeout directive. Directive sets the amount of time for upstream to wait for a ...

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09 Oct, 14

AngularJS plus Django: A match made in heaven

I've just finished watching "AngularJS plus Django: A match made in heaven" DjangoCon US 2014 talk by Nina Zakharenko (Video | Slides) and it was quite helpful. Since I'm working with API's and mobile / angular apps a lot, I just made some helpful Django + AngularJS related notes that came out of ...

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19 Sep, 14

Improving Number of Queries Generated by Django Comment's render_comment_list Template Tag

One of my Django apps uses Django Comments. To show a list of comments on a page I use this simple built-in template tag:

  1. {% render_comment_list for object %}

All is fine, but I noticed that it loads user object per every comment line. So if you have 50 comments on ...

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