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08 Apr, 13

The Second in History Polish Drupal Camp is Coming!

On 13th - 14th of April 2013 in Wrocław (c'mon, pronounce it, you can: vrɒtswəf) will be held the second in history Polish Drupal Camp (http://dcwroc.pl/).

Drupal scene in Poland is still relativelly small, but for sure is very promissing. Three years ago I moved to Poland and almost ...

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25 Mar, 13

Now You Can Create Personal Lists of Drupal Snippets at Dropbucket

Yes, you read it right! Now you can create personal lists of Drupal snippets at Dropbucket - Drupal snippets repository. It turned out that we already have loads of great snippets at the website and there challenge have appeared: how to group these snippets in some convenient way?

So for example ...

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19 Mar, 13

8 Awesome Drupal Snippets I Wish I Knew Before

Today I want to share with you 8 great Drupal snippets that blew my mind. I found these browsing Dropbucket dot org - Drupal snippets repository.

There are lots of cool Drupal snippets being shared and stored at dropbucket.org but I found these to be the most new and interesting to ...

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04 Mar, 13

Dropbucket.org - The First Week Of Life

A week ago I've announced a project which I created in order to fullfill my own need of storing Drupal snippets - Dropbucket.org. I've announced this project here on my blog and it turned out to be a huge success attracting lots of eyes, positive responses, thanks, clicks, tweets and ...

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25 Feb, 13

Dropbucket.org - Drupal Snippets Repository is Launched!

Dropbucket - Drupal snippets storage

I've been doing Drupal for last six or seven years and tried lots of ways of storing snippets. I used internal capabilities of IDE's (like snippets in Eclipse or code templates in Netbeans), I stored them in notepad, evernote, used lots of different downloadable snippet managers and stuff.

But there ...

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21 Feb, 13

Working with Drupal Fields: Getting Single Field Values For Display and Manipulaton

This post is a quick addition to my previous tutorial: Loading Only One Field From An Entity or Node in Drupal 7. The tricky part there was what to do with node's field data and how to properly display it?

Well there are lots of approaches there, but I see ...

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20 Feb, 13

Loading Only One Field From An Entity or Node in Drupal 7

Time from time, while doing your custom Drupal code, you may want to load only one or several specific fields from a defined set of entities.

So actually you have three approaches to this:

1. Query for entity/node set and load whole entities to get desired fields data. Works ...

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28 Jan, 13

Menu position vocabulary module

I’ve been using menu position module (http://drupal.org/project/menu_position) for some time and this is a really handy module I must say. It lets you set an active menu item based on different conditions. For example: you want products menu item to be set as active while you’re ...

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23 Jan, 13

"Drupal Rules How-To" Book Review

A week ago Packt Publishing approached and asked me to review their new book called “Drupal Rules How-To” written by Robert Varkonyi. I like getting books for a review, because it motivates you to read. With my working schedule it’s hard to find time for another tech read, but when ...

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21 Jan, 13

Case study: Listbattle.com

I’ve recently finished working on a project for a client. This was an interesting journey and I want to tell you about it.

Several months ago a client approached to me with an interesting idea to create a social website where people could come and publish their top lists of ...

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