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May 24, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Hi everyone, hope some of you had/having a great time at DrupalCon Portland. Since I could go I decided to do something useful and apply to Dropbucket Drupal Snippets Repository some new ideas I had in my mind. Long story short, last night I rolled out an update which brought the follwing:

  1. New look for listings and category pages. Now there are 30 snippets per page on any list. I removed "code previews", since they occupied lots of space on the page and reworked listing item look in order to make scanning easier. And yes, we ditched View module, bye bye you hungry slow thing.
  2. New page sections like "New", "Hot", "Popular: Month", "Popular: Today". These screens do what they sound like. Filtering algoithm is not ideal, but I'll work on finetuning. Now on the frontpage you see current hot snippets instead of new snippets, to see new snippets you need to look into "New" tab.
  3. Solr brought into action! Now site search is powered with Solr which brings you more precise searching and you can filter through results via facets. Nice!
  4. My snippets section got a rework. Besides individual solr search powered with facets to filter out results, I 've changed the way how snippets get into "My snippets" section. Previously you could find there snippets that you created and bookmarked. Now, in addition to new and bookmarked snippets, you'll see there all snippets that you added to snippets lists.

I made a quick hangout overviewing all new features:

So let me know what do you think about all this.

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