Dropbucket.org - Drupal Snippets Repository is Launched!

Feb 25, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Dropbucket - Drupal snippets storage

I've been doing Drupal for last six or seven years and tried lots of ways of storing snippets. I used internal capabilities of IDE's (like snippets in Eclipse or code templates in Netbeans), I stored them in notepad, evernote, used lots of different downloadable snippet managers and stuff.

But there always were two needs which I couldn't satisfy with these approaches: I wanted snippets to be stored online (so I didn't lost them when I format my HDD or uninstall IDE) and I wanted to share my drupal snippets in a dedicated place, where drupalers gather.

We Drupal people, we love to share, this is in our blood and this is an underlying power which drives Drupal community, do something and share with others! So why not to share with our snippets? I believe every of us has loads of different chunks of code which we use on a daily basis, we need to store them, we need to share them. That's why I created dropbucket.org - Drupal snippets repository, a place where you can put your little drops of drupal code and fill the snippet bucket.

Feel free to go and register now to start storing and sharing your snippets. Below I will tell you about some cool features which are waiting for every drupaler at Dropbucket:

1. Brandable profile address

Upon your registration, you get a profile url like http://dropbucket.org/your_username , so hurry up to take up your name :)

2. Snippet add form

After registering, you can start to add snippets via "Snippets add form" which has only two mandatory fields to fill: title and code. Hovewever, I do encourage you to add some description to your code and assign category/drupal version to it, so this is convenient to browse your snippets in the future.

You can add as many code chunks per snippet as you want by using "Add another source code" button.

There are situations, when we don't want others to see our snippets, so every snippet can be marked as "private" and will be visible only for you.

3. Snippet browsing and discovery

Browsing snippets is flexible. You can search snippets by keyword, filter results by categories and drupal versions. There are two flavours of snippet browsing: sitewide, when you browse all snippets submitted to dropbucket.org and personal, when you browse your own snippets via "My snippets" page.

There is also a nice feature suggested by one of early beta testers: you can subscribe to rss feed of any snippet search result, so for example, you can filter "Form API" snippets for "Drupal 7" and get a feed link like: http://dropbucket.org/rss.xml?keys=&field_category_tid=58&field_drupal_version_tid=4. Now you can add this link to your rss reader and get updates every time something appears in this category!

4. Snippet page

On a snippet page you can get a raw version of a snippet or you can copy a snippet to your clipboard by clicking "Copy" button.

Also there is a possibility to "clone" a snippet. So this way you can create your own version of a snippet and place it under your account.

Another possibility to put a snippet under "My snippets" is to bookmark a snippet. Once you bookmarked it, you can find a snippet on "My snippets" page:

Every time you edit a snippet you automatically create a version of it. So all snippet changes are revisioned and you can see differences between revisions and revert your code to any of revisions:

In the end, you can leave a comment for every snippet just to thank author of the snippet, ask a question or suggest a correction.

5. Drupal karma

For every action you do on dropbucket you get a Karma points which are visible on your public profile:

This is a some kind of reward for activity and a way to find out who is the MVDSS (the most valuable Drupal snippets submitter :)) So this was an overview of the initial version of dropbucket.org. There are more features I plan to add in the future like a public API and exporting of snippets to elcipse/sublime/other IDEs. Feel free to leave your suggestions, this way you will help me to introduce needed by a community features.

I need your help to spread a word

If you like the idea of dropbucket.org and you have a blog/twitter/facebook/google+ account or have an access to other media sources, please don't hesitate to share info about dropbucket.org. This way we'll let more drupal developers to find out about this service, which means we'll have more cool snippets to share and discover.

Thank you in advance,
Tim Kamanin

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