Dropbucket.org - The First Week Of Life

Mar 04, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

A week ago I've announced a project which I created in order to fullfill my own need of storing Drupal snippets - Dropbucket.org. I've announced this project here on my blog and it turned out to be a huge success attracting lots of eyes, positive responses, thanks, clicks, tweets and registrations. I'm really amazed by reactions I received and today I decided to sum up the first week of life of the Dropbucket.org.

The announcement itself gathered 5000 views in a week and got 52 retweets, 33 google pluses, 15 shares on linkedin and 262 likes on facebook! All these numbers tell by themselves, drupal people liked the idea of a Drupal snippet repository and gladly shared info about the project with their friends and followers. I want to thank everyone for the support and mentions on the internet, spreading the word about Dropbucket.org helps to grow the project and bring more people in.

Now to Dropbucket's numbers. 500 users have registered on the website and 150 snippets has been added during the first week which is really really impressive! People from 102 countries (Hi to Drupal folks from Zimbabwe) visited dropbucket.org spending 4 minutes on the site on average.

These are really impressive numbers which motivate me to develop the idea and add new features. During the last week, I've introduced several new features like voting on snippets, filtering snippets by author's name and showing author's name on listing pages. I've got lots of different feature request and I will try to implement most requested for sure. I've even created a facebook fan page for the project, although I'm not the biggest fan of facebook, this page is a good way to inform everyone about latest happenings at dropbucket, feel free to follow/like it, the url is as simple as http://www.facebook.com/dropbucket.

I'm planning to introduce API soon (one of the most requested features out there), so people will be able to import / export snippets and write their own IDE plugins (like a plugin for Sublime for example).

I want to thank again everyone for your amazing support and I 'm happy you liked the idea of dropbucket.org. The biggest thing you can do to help us is to tell about dropbucket on your blog, twitter, facebook or google account and, of course, contribute your snippets!

Let's the story continues!


Tim Kamanin

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