Drupal is far behind Wordpress and Joomla on Google Trends

Oct 27, 2010 · by Tim Kamanin

Today I was curious enough to fire up "internet marketer's best friend" and check Drupal's popularity in the world. I compared Drupal to its usual rivals: Wordpress and Joomla. And you know what? Google Trends showed me the following graph:

Really, for me this pic looks like a big surprise. Ok, I agree with the fact that Drupal could be lower than Wordpress, but Joomla? This slowly evolving CMS is almost 3.3 times popular than Drupal! I just can't understand the reason of this and hope that with the release of Drupal 7 this picture will change. Drupal is gonna be more user friendly, even more productive and ... sexy. Yeah, you heard it right, sexy. Sex sells, even on the web building market and I guess, this is one of main reasons behind the popularity of Joomla, they have a very slick-wow-supa-cool admin panel, which is, for most novice users and clients is one of the main factors of the choice.

And how do you think, friends, what should Drupal community do to make it more popular? Where is the hype? According to Drupal Trends graph, during last years, there were no any hikes, the graph looks boringly plain.

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