Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 1

Oct 07, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Drupal 8

Pretty optimistic video cast held by core developers where D8 architecture wins were discussed.

Drupal snippets repository is getting prepared for Drupal 8 and added Yaml syntax highlighter to the language selection. There's going to be a lot of .yml code in the future - in Drupal 8 you'll write all your configuration and routung in .yml files.

Nice tutorial showing how to create forms for a custom Drupal 8 module and pull/save its content in from/to the database.

The Drupal 8 logo has finally been selected. Our beloved Druplicon is still there ;)

EntityFormController is a controller class that is responsible for the management of forms for entities. A nice post with good examples and comparison between D7 and D8.

DrupalCon Wrapups

DrupalCon Prague 2013 has been a success with 1,830 Drupalers joined the conference! If you missed the conference, these wrap ups may help to understand what's been happening there.

And in the end, the official wrap up by Drupal Association.

A Youtube playlist with all videos from DrupalCon Prague 2013


Magic is a set of tools for front-end best practices and general front-end goodies to make your life as a front-end developer happier. There are lots of frontend optimization features bundled including Enhancements to CSS aggregation, backport of Drupal 8 javascript handling and export of theme settings

Performance optimization

A tutorial on how to create custom entity caching when you have special needs and built-in cache approaches are not enough.

Out of all DrupalCon sessions I managed to watch so far I liked Performance lab session the most. This is a real 2hrs+ master class with lots of performance optimization tips and tricks. You really need to find time and watch this one.


Jose Reyero described his approach to building real mobile websites. You'll get the idea how you can create a dedicated mobile site that exists along with desktop site and doesn't share the same layout (in other words, it is not about responsive/adaptive design).


Here are some gems from at http://dropbucket.org


Interesting discussion in Drupal Community on G+, where developers share their way of getting of the deadlock.

Pretty controversial topic. Three Drupalers talk with two Wordpress guys about pros and cons of Wordpress / Drupal. The talk gives a good understanding why people choose Wordpress and what Drupal should do to match it.

Le dessert

Wapping up this first issue of Let's Drup up The Week with something fun :)

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