Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 13

Dec 30, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin


Step-by-step setup of step-debugging on remote sessions started from the command line on a remote machine witg PHPStorm.

Save time and typing by running the two commands on one line

Did you know that FAPI already let's you to add a placeholder text easily?

Ever wanted to have revisions for Field collections?

A basic example on how to migrate content with the help of Migrate module.


According to awwwards.com, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Responsive Techniques are among the web design trends for 2014.


Template picker gives content creators a list of templates to choose from as they create nodes. The templates in this list are auto-discovered in your site's default theme through a simple naming convention: node--content-type-- tp*.tpl.php

The Simple Timeline module allows the rendering of entities selected by a view on a simple vertical timeline.

Code per Node makes it possible to add custom CSS and Javascript per node, per content type, per block, and globally. The code is stored in the database, but served from the file system.

Drupal 8

Chris Shattuck has prepared Drupal 8 Prep Video series where he covers essential Drupal 8 dev topics. If you want to be on track, get in and check it out. Lot's of interesting material is inside.

Drupal Snippets

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