Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 3

Oct 21, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Drupal 8

Stay up to date with the latest D8 core developments.

Ken Rickard attempt to list good features of Drupal 8.

Acquia wants to give a little push to Drupal and dedicate some resources to make Drupal 8 progress faster.

Another pretty optimistic Drupal 8 related post, all sounds nice but look at the Wordpress market share!

Drupal 8 Alpha 4 (possibly the last alpha of D8) is out with lots of changes.


A list of tools that should speed up your Drupal themeing process.

A good example of how to implement twig template in your Drupal 8 module.

Lullabot explains how we can implement web app interface and business logic with Angularjs


A module which allows for limiting items per menu to a certain amount.

With this module you can attach a table, as a field, to any entity.


A case study on how Drupal login form can be improved.

Author reviews Drupal 7 vs Symfony 2 pros and cons.


Le Dessert

This one is for football fans. Unbelievable ghost goal by Bayer: the ball slipped through the hole in the net. The referee didn't notice that and counted a goal.

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