Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 4

Oct 28, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin


A nice example how to leverage Drupal cache in your custom module.

Want to get started using SASS/Compass with Drupal? And fast?

The author shows how to replicate the basic WordPress blog features in Drupal.

Smart idea on how to sort unsortable node and comment links.

In this tutorial you'll find out how to programmatically create horizontal form tabs in Drupal 7.

A powerful multi threading techniques that can be implemented with Drush.


A cool module that is extremelly useful for staging / dev sites: it creates a simple shield for the site with Apache authentication. It hides the sites, if the user does not know a simple username/password.

Dev Tools is a collection of PHP classes and functions which help with and simplify Drupal module development. A nice intoducing artile by Yuri Babenko can be found here: http://yuriybabenko.com/blog/introducting-dev-tools

Drupal 8

In Episode 28: Getting Excited for Drupal 8 - The Donkey, Human, Ant, Chameleon CMS, Larry Garfield, Alex Bronstein, Juampy, and Joe Shindelar join Kyle Hofmeyer to discuss why they are excited about Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 Image field sweetness!

A pretty provocative article about Drupal 8 and Backdrop future.

This tutorial shows how to do what you could do in Drupal 7 with just ten lines of code in Drupal 8. Unfortunatelly, you'll have to type a bit more to Drupal 8. How I adore Symfony...

There are no Rules for D8 yet, so how you can implement new comment notifications? Read on.

Drupal snippets

Le Dessert

Have you ever heard of such a music style as nerdcore? Here's the sample. Sounds pretty cool :)

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