Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 5

Nov 04, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin


OSTraining impressed me once again, this time with these cool videos to get started with Drupal themes.

The simplest way to display a list of tweets is to use Twitter's embedded timelines. Ivan Zugec explains how you can use them.

There are cases when you may need to disable Drupal's automatic cron. Here are the ways how to achieve this.

In this article, you'll learn how to control the display of a multi-value field within a formatter using Display Suite and a few contributed modules.

A little snippet to make your module auto-register views handlers.


To make process of site creation / redesign easier to understand, Chapter Three produced an infographic to illustrate the steps required to create a beautiful and meaningful Drupal website.

A roundup of 10 best and free drupal themes. Do you agree with the selection?

Case study of Chef and Vagrant usage to standardize development across the company.

Palantir presented their Git workflow.


This module provides better random ordering for Ads powered by Simpleads. Actually, it fixes Simpleads randomizer that works really bad.

This module provides two dimensional (horizontal + vertical) gallery with the support of swipe on tablet and mobile devices.

Drupal 8

Notable commits list and other news of Drupal 8 development.

Drupal Snippets

Le Dessert

And old one, but is very expiring - Drupal Rap :)

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