Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 6

Nov 11, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Drupal 8

Now alpha releases of Drupal are going to be monthly, the next one: Nov. 18. The only hope I have: there won't be too many months ;)

Notable commits, patches, features and Drupal 8 events in a weekly wrap-up by Drupal core developers.

Webwash describes upgrade process of his module. Nice read to understand how to create a custom fields in Drupal 8. This tutorial contains some nice reference links to read and deeper understand the topic.


A simple tutorial on how to export your Views to code and them make them available in your Drupal modules. Good for beginner Drupal devs.

Webomlette shows the conditional power of built in Views filters.

While there are a couple of modules that can be used to easily set up entity reference field relationships, it’s also possible to do create these kinds of relationships with rules.

Garret Dawson from Aten shown an elegant and scaleable way of managing JavaScripts with Lobraries API

My approach on hiding a fieldgroup on a node display with another approach proposed in comments.


An interesting approach to deploy content and code by Mediacurrent.

Eric Peterson talks about performance problems of Address Field module and provides a fixed version.

This list of modules by Zivtech is a gold. Must read!

These tips are pretty obvious, but in a 3rd paragraph Appnovation posted a nice list of SEO-related modules for Drupal.

This is an article you should give every beginner developer to read. Befused explains how module directory should be structured.


Drupal as ELMS, Drupal vs Moodle and more about ELMS.


Semantic Fields was created to give users the abilility of customizing and enhancing the HTML output of a field.

This drush plugin performs a text search & replace on all content and content revisions in all text fields and all custom blocks on a Drupal site. It does this directly in the database, not by loading, editing and then saving entities, so it is very fast.

Drupal Snippets

Le Dessert

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