Let's Drup Up The Week. Issue 9

Dec 02, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

Drupal 8

Be up-to-date with the important news features and changes.

Ivan Zugec explains how you can create a custom field formatter for an already existing field in Drupal 8.

After reading this article you'll understand that porting a theme to a Drupal 8 is not a big deal.


And never use the mysqldump command again!

This post is about using Drush as part of your coding process for theming or module development.

In third part of "Multi processing" series, John Ennew explains how you can use multi processing with the Drupal Queue.

In this article, let’s explore the art of removing, once and for all — with a few little magic tricks — the clutter of CSS classes and irritating CSS that you never need.

XDebug tips and tricks.


Do you have a High traffic Drupal site that has a lot of Ajax callbacks? Use js.module to just execute what is needed for your call & cut off Drupal bootstrap!

In this article you'll learn how you can alter a form and insert a custom function to get called when the form gets submitted.

Learn how you can use node_feed() function to produce fast and flexible RSS feeds.


This project targets module developers and provides a "bare bone" callback handler which is intended to be addressed by modules wanting to improve response times for specialized tasks.

It adds an optional start date and end date field to the webform form settings, so you can schedule when webform can be opened and closed.

This module allows any flag to have both absolute and user-specific limits added to it.

Drupal Snippets

Le Dessert

Unbelievable live stunt by my childhood hero Jean-Claude Van Damme, 56 mln. views on youtube!

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