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Jun 27, 2009 · by Tim Kamanin

Do you Tweet? Me too. Soon this question will be as silly as the question "Do you have a cell phone?". Twitter became a very powerful communication tool which perfectly fits lazy nature of people: "we don't want to do much, but we aren't against doing simple things at all". Students, workers, clerks, housewife's, politicians, pop stars and even, some presidents have their Twitter accounts. This is a great place for brands to communicate with their current and potential customers. Being friendly and opened to your client base builds great relationships with them. But how do you manage this big number of followers, direct messages, replies with one account and ordinary Twitter client like TweetDeck or twhirl for example? What to do if your marketing department has more than one web PR manager and you want to share your corporate account within your team. How to not to miss valuable customer comments?

CoTweet - professional management tool for Twitter

To be able to work with all these tasks, some guys created a service called CoTweet. It is in private beta status now and I've got my invitation code recently. Here I will tell you about it a little and show some cool screenshots.

After setting up a CoTweet account and one of your twitter accounts in the system (you can attach up to 4 Twitter accounts to the system) you will enter the CoTweet page:

It looks like a regular e-mail client window: Messages, Updates, Archive, Sent, Scheduled and Followup. Let's start from the top.

Read, Reply and Assign

In Messages you will see all @ and direct messages addressed to you:

You can select what to do with each message: send Direct Message, Reply, Assign, E-mail Tweet and Archive. Archive deletes message from Messages and places it to the Archive. This is simple. The most interesting options are: Assign and E-mail Tweet.

If you click on Assign, you will be able to assign a task (or leave a note) connected with the message to one of your team members or leave it just for yourself, here is for example:

Then you can see Assigned messages on the Followup - Assigned to Me tab:

This is very handy if you want to leave a reminder about a particular message or ask someone from your staff to reply to this message or mark this message or do whatever you want to do.

E-mail tweet opens up your default mail client and lets you to send a tweet to anyone. Using this method you can input tweets into your CRM.

Send messages in time!

On the Sent tab you will see your very own Tweets (messages). One of the cool features of CoTweet is the ability to post scheduled messages. To do this, click on Post Update button and Enter message will pop-up, choose later and enter date and time you want your Tweet to appear. For example, I did the following:

A bit early, but I'm sure, that now, I will not forget to send my greeting to everyone. With this cool feature you can always plan your tweets.

You can see your scheduled message in a queue now:

Let your team to easily work with on Twitter account

As I previously mentioned, CoTweet lets you to invite other users to be in charge of your Twitter Account and to track and post Tweets: To distinguish posts of various team members CoTags feature is provided. CoTags are short signatures that allow you to identify yourself as part of a message while sharing an account with multiple people:

This is very convenient and you can always track what is done and who did this.

Don't miss any message

Moreover, you can choose "The OnDuty" option (which can be switched on or off per user). This option will proactively monitor for new direct messages and @replies and send email alerts when they arrive. So you can continue working on other things in the background and just wait for email alerts to notify you when you need to take action. Cool, huh?


As a result, CoTweet created a comfortable CRM interface for Twitter which is useful for any internet marketer. I left more features outside of this review such as find, search, add twitter users, output short urls stats (for short urls) and some additional little features. The interface is quick and Mac-styled, so this punches you to some creativity, you want to connect, interact and communicate. According to the info, Starbucks, Ford, Pepsi, Oracle and many more brands are using CoTweet to communicate with their Tweet base. I myself use this tool and is very happy with it.

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