The Second in History Polish Drupal Camp is Coming!

Apr 08, 2013 · by Tim Kamanin

On 13th - 14th of April 2013 in Wrocław (c'mon, pronounce it, you can: _vrɒtswəf_ ) will be held the second in history Polish Drupal Camp (

Drupal scene in Poland is still relativelly small, but for sure is very promissing. Three years ago I moved to Poland and almost no one I met knew a thing about Drupal. Today Drupal is pretty much visible here, with big projects based on Drupal (including the official website of Polish Prime Minister) and increasing demand for the talent the number of which is still scarse.

More than a half ago I met nice people here in Gdansk where I currently reside and we've started local Drupal Tricity Users Group. The group has attracted lots of attention thanks to our more or less regular online meetings via Google hangouts. These hangouts turned out to be the first tech hangouts in Poland! In five days we're leaving to the south of the country for Drupal Camp in Wroclaw.

Looks like the event will attract 100+ people from all over the Poland and there are some guests from other countries. This year the conference is going to be billingual, half of sessions (held on April 13th) will be in english. Here is the list of english language sessions:

  1. The science of guessing - drupal estimation techniques from project managers -
  2. Faster and easier solution to Drupal e-commerce with Commerce Kickstart 2 and family -
  3. Drupal on Windows Azure - how Commerce Guys succeeded with Microsoft Cloud solution -
  4. Aegir & Multisite - managing multisite installations (good practices & case study) -
  5. Vagrant - optimal development environment -
  6. Optimizing Drupal Performance -, this one is going to be held by me :)

You can see a full list of events of the Drupal Camp here:

I'm especially looking forward to my session: never had a chance to talk in front of such a big crowd and the fact that my session got the biggest number of votes puts additional pressure and, at the same time, hype on me :)

Hope to see and talk to you (oh and to party with you, there's a Drupal party on 13th of April in the evening) folks there :) See you in Wroclaw!

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