Top 10 Drupal Tutorials of the Week on

Sep 14, 2009 · by Tim Kamanin

A week ago we launched - Drupal Tutorials aggregation directory. A lot of cool tutorials were submitted during last 7 days and now, we have more than 120 tutorials on various topics including Drupal Module Development, Theming, Drupal Optimization, Drupal Forms and what not. I want to say big thanks to our contributors and here is Top 10 Drupal Tutorials of the week (based on popularity ranking):

  1. Designing for Drupal: Photoshop Best Practices (Part 1 of 3)
  2. Pro Drupal Development Book, Second Edition
  3. How To: Drupal Panels
  4. Add focused Drupal search to your site
  5. Optimizing page load times using mod_deflate, mod_expires, and ETag on Apache2
  6. Custom Drupal Homepages
  7. Drupal Development Best Practices: Tools (Part I)
  8. AJAX Forms
  9. Drupal & Libraries
  10. Options to run your Drupal cron job

Go ahead and check for more Drupal Tutorials. Also, if you have some cool tutorials, submit them to our directory! Don't forget to follow dtutorials on twitter: as well as help us spread the word about the project, more people will know about the more tutorials will be available for the public.


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