Web Based Open Source Collaboration and Project Management tool

Jun 09, 2009 · by Tim Kamanin

During a month or so I was looking for a good web based project management and collaboration solution. I tried lots of hosted solutions such as Huddle , DeskAway , BaseCamp , Zoho Projects , GoPlan and so on. Every solution has it's pros and cons, for example, Basecamp is nice but too expensive and has too little needed features. DeskAway was messy, Zoho is Indian service (no offence to Indian brothers, but I somewhat can't trust them to host my critical data).

Some one will say that Google Docs can work, but let me say, I can trust them only my email, about other data, I'm a bit paranoid. For example, I never use Google Analytics for commercial projects, cause I strongly believe in that Google tracks GA data and can tune up SERPs and catch all your SEO network. So let's get back to project management.

My requirements were the following:

  • Create as many projects as I want;
  • create milestones;
  • create tasks;
  • have calendar;
  • receive and send notifications on added projects/tasks to myself and my team;
  • host files;
  • create doc and xls files online as Google Docs does;
  • have internal messaging system;
  • multilingual is good also;

After long weeks of searching, I lost my hope to find such a tool and even thought about inventing my very own one, but today I stumbled acress opengoo.org. This is open source community which develops and maintains PHP/Mysql/Ajax powered project management and collaboration solutions. Which can be hosted on their facilities for money or downloaded and hosted by you for FREE! Wow! I quickly checked demo and was nearly impressed with its features. After that, I downloaded it to my PC and installed on localhost. After hours of playing I left satisfied. This system meets almost every of my requirement listed above, the only thing I miss is internal messaging. But this is not a problem at all, you can write your own module for this and add it to the crowded community of opengoogers.

If you're looking what I was looking for, just check this out: http://www.opengoo.org.

Enjoy and let me know if you liked this one.

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