Wordpress or not Wordpress?

Mar 11, 2009 · by Tim Kamanin

I'm a true Drupal addict. Most people think it is hard, but it is not. It is logical, simple and very flexible. As I'm trying other solutions, I become more and more assured in Drupal advantages.

One of such solutions or competitors is Wordpress. Perfect bloging platform and only. Only bloging...if you want to do something advanced with Wordpress forget it or prepare for a bunch of problems. Recently I decided to build splog network with Wordpress.

The main argument against Drupal was: Wordpress is blog oriented and has huge variety of themes....pretty good and free themes. Drupal lacks good free themes. So I set up a wordpress on my xampp and enjoyed it for a first 5 minutes. Nice admin panel, smooth, glossy, sexy. That's all.

Ok, I needed to create some custom content types, so I found Flutter module, installed it and lost my mind trying to figure where is my custom type data in DB, how to theme new content type output and all such things. One shot which killed main Wordpress advantage was their so-called Loop. Pretty shabby system. You have to write down everything in index.php, all custom layout, etc. So if you want to switch to another theme, you have to dig in new index.php and transfer there all settings from 'old' index.php. Pretty boring perspective, you know.

Now I'm thinking about using Drupal for this purpose and I'm sure it will handle this task good...one problem left...I want my splogs to look nice and it will be hard to do with Drupal free themes.

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