Running Django commands from anywhere

May 06, 2015 · Updated: Nov 10, 2017 · by Tim Kamanin

One of the most annoying aspects of developing in Django for me is running commands: you need to be in the same directory with
file in order to run a command. This is not convenient. I thought it would be
cool to be able to run from anywhere in the project as much as you
can run git command from anywhere within a git project.

The solution is simple: create a bash script that accepts arguments,
takes your current directory and searches for file in that directory
recursivelly and then if file not found there, find goes up a directory and up
and up until it finds nearest or hits the root ('/'). When it finds it executes it with arguments passed to the bash script. Simple
idea, let's implement:


while [[ "`pwd`" != '/' ]]; do
  managepy_path=$(find $(pwd) -type f -name "" -print | head -n 1)
  if [[ -n $managepy_path ]]; then
echo "Running 'python $managepy_path $@' command:"
python $managepy_path $@
cd ..

if [[ managepy_path == 0 ]]; then
  echo 'Cant find'

Save it to your local bin: /usr/local/bin as (yes, this is not
python file, but it has .py extension to make it sound as vanilla Django file, you can name it anything you want actually).

And then run it from somewhere deep in your Django project:

python --help

And you'll get the output of the nearest command executed within
your currently activated virtualenv or default python environment.

Git repo

I added the script to its very own git repo at and you can now use
pip to install the package:

pip install django_managepy_anywhere

Enjoy and let me know how it works for you :)

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