Sorl-Thumbnail returns error: "SuspiciousOperation: Attempted access to '/media/products/505.jpg' denied"

Feb 06, 2014 · by Tim Kamanin

When Solr Thumbnail ( returns and error like "SuspiciousOperation: Attempted access to '/media/products/505.jpg' denied" or Bad request: 400 you need to check the path of the image you want to resize: it shouldn't start with your MEDIA_ROOT like * '/media/products/505.jpg'. If you look into the database, you'll see that the path may be saved here as *'/media/products/505.jpg' *where *' /media/' is MEDIA_ROOT. It shouldn't be like that, the path should be saved as ' products/505.jpg' instead which is a correct way to save image/file path into the database. Some modules like django-ajaximage have such a problem. Be aware of that.

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