Happy birthday to me and Devel form debug module to you all

I’m turning 32 today. People love birthdays, to me it’s just another line number in a messed stack trace output (philosophy mode enabled).
Two years ago I released a drupal module called Get form id (deprecated from now on) that does one small task - it tells you any form's id and lets you copy & paste alter hook for that form. With time I created an improved version of the module for my personal usage and even wanted to release it as a “premium” module on CodeCanyon (yes, I know I know ;), but then changed my mind and kept using it privately.
On birthdays I love to give presents instead of getting. And today I felt that it would be great to release that code as a contrib Drupal module, so you all could use it. Since functionality of the module is a bit wider than of the initial version, I decided to rename it to “Devel Form Debug”.
So please welcome the “Devel Form Debug” module that can be described in one simple line “Find out form ID and print out form variables easily”. The module relies on a Devel module in some part so I decided to mention it in the title. Below you’ll see a quick video showing you what this little module can do for you:

Hope you'll like it. Download module here: https://www.drupal.org/project/devel_form_debug or via drush:

  1. drush dl devel_form_debug